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Coco Chocolatier carefully craft their portfolio of chocolates with the world's best Colombian cocoa before placing them in individually designed packaging, createdn by independent artists.

Packaging design

COCO Chocolatier work with different artists who create each and every package. As a result, in addition to a delicious chocolate product, the customer also receives a work of art.

Coco range


The chocolates are made from single-variety cocoa that COCO buys from Colombia. They challenge the industry status quo, which suggests raw materials are purchased directly on site to achieve a lower cost. COCO decided to work with a Colombian partner who processes the raw cocoa and buy ready-made couverture from him. Thus, more of the precess remains in place and, accordingly, the income for local producers is higher. COCO is dedicated to teaching local farmers how to best cultivate their land and get a better yield accordingly.


Product range

In addition to chocolate bars, COCO offers hot chocolate, jelly candies and beautiful collections for Easter and Christmas.

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