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Drekka Brands is an importer of quality products in the food industry, created by two enthusiasts in 2016. Numerous trips around the world have provoked a new passion - looking for specialty coffee shops and testing the best coffee that local coffee roasters and shop offer. Subsequently, we added tea and the culture it brings along. We started to brew coffee at home and noticed that in Bulgaria it is challenging to find a variety of quality, freshly roasted coffee that meets our expectations. So we thought about the idea of ​​turning our hobby into a job and providing some of the best coffees and teas in the world to connoisseurs like us.

And we created Drekka Brands.

Our goal is to provide a carefully selected selection of products with respect to quality and design.

Positive experience is at the core of our philosophy. We want to help you build a sustainable business that is a pleasure for your employees and customers.





Hristo is the head taster, the sales person and the educator. He will make sure that you know how to offer our products, your team is trained and the customers are satisfied.

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The other co-owner

Martina makes sure that the sites and social media are up to date, the products are available in the warehouse and the invoices are paid on time.

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